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Sample 1: Can You Get an Infection From Vibrators

Sample 2: How to Choose Lingerie for Your Woman

Sample 3: All About Cross Tattoos

Sample 4: How To Get Rid of Man Boobs – Surgery Is Not the Only Way

Sample 5: Dumbbell Workout – Easy Muscle for Bulking or Toning

Sample 1:

Can You Get an Infection From Vibrators?

The short answer to this is yes. However, keep in mind that you can get an infection from any type of appliance that is used on the body by not using it correctly or maintaining it properly.

This especially holds true for vibrators. By learning to take care of them properly, and by using them correctly, there is no reason why you should get any type of infection.

What type of infections can a woman get?

Generally, a woman can get yeast infections or bacterial vaginal infections.

How is this possible?

The first way is by not cleaning your vibrator properly, or just not cleaning regularly. During usage, your vibrator can pickup dust and bacteria from your surroundings. This holds especially true for vibrators that are made up of sticky materials. Therefore, by not cleaning your vibrator after using it, the vibrator will begin to collect enough bacteria and dust, thus resulting in a high risk of infections within your vagina.

Another way in which you can get an infection is if you interchange between anal stimulation and vaginal stimulation without cleaning your vibrator before interchanging. By doing this, you are picking up bad bacteria from your anus, and then transferring that bacteria to your vulva and vagina when you begin to stimulate it. Even if you stimulate close to the anus, such as around the perineum, or around the anal opening, there is still a high risk of picking up bad bacteria.

None of this has to happen if you simply keep safety at the top of your priority list. You can only achieve this by always following the instructions that comes with the vibrator. These instructions will tell you exactly how you should go about cleaning your sex toy. In addition, there are numerous sex toy cleaners that have been designed to keep your vibrator clean without damaging it in anyway.

Lastly, try your best to avoid anal play and vaginal play with the same sex toy. If you insist on doing it, always use a condom before hand, and then after you have finished with anal play, remove the condom so that you have a minimum chance of transferring any type of bacteria from your anus to your vagina.

It is also a good idea to use a condom during every session with your vibrator. This is regardless of whether you do anal play or not. By doing this, you will be able to keep your vibrator as clean as possible for future sessions.

Sample 2:

How to Choose Lingerie for Your Woman

Wearing sexy lingerie can be an exquisite way to add some erotic passion into your lovemaking sessions. By choosing the right type of lingerie for your woman, you will be able to set the exact type of sexual atmosphere for both yourself and your partner. However, if you accidentally choose the wrong type of lingerie for her , you will find yourself confused as to why your woman felt disappointed or downright insulted at your choice, no matter how good your intentions were.

In order to make sure that this never happens to you, we have decided to put together a little guide on how to choose the right type of lingerie for your partner so that both of you can get the best experience in your lovemaking sessions;

Buying lingerie for a woman is never going to be an easy task. If you purchase a size too small, she is going to feel very fat when trying to fit into it. However, if you buy her one size too big, she is going to have the impression that you think her butt is big. Therefore, a rule of thumb; never make her squeeze into anything, and always get the perfect size. A great way to do this is by noting down the brands of underwear she usually shops for, as well as what sizes of these brands your woman usually buys. This is important because the size of one brand can differ greatly from another.

Now decide what you would like to buy her. In other words, are you looking for a certain type of lingerie that will fit perfectly into a sexual fantasy that you would like to play out? Do you want her to look elegantly seductive, or do you want her to look sinful and cheeky?

Once you found out what you want, you then need to combine your taste and decisions with the taste and decisions of your partner. In other words, you have to find out what type of underwear your partner is generally in to. The only way to do this is by snooping around when she is not looking. Take notice of the size of her bra and panties. Also, it is important that you pay special attention to the colors, patterns, and textures of the lingerie that your partner usually goes for. Take note of the width of her bra-straps, the width of the back strap, the number of clips in the clasp, and most importantly, the style of the bra itself. In other words, does she usually wear a sports-bra, criss-cross back, or seamless cups? Is the style usually sexy or innocent, etc.?

The next step is to head over to a few lingerie stores. Spend a little time browsing through all the type of stuff that is available in the store, and then when you are done, find the closest salesperson near you to give you a helping hand in making the right choice. With the information that you have already gathered from your research, as well as the advice that you will be receiving from the salesperson, you will find that it becomes a lot easier to actually find the right type of lingerie for your partner. While you are at it, always ask them if the material of the lingerie is washable and wearable. Remember, practicality is just as important as sensuality when it comes to choosing the right type of lingerie.

Ask yourself whether your woman will be wearing this lingerie for the bedroom only, or if she is able to use it during the day as well. This is important, because comfort means everything if your partner is going to wear her lingerie throughout the day. Here are things to look for in order to ensure that she’s comfortable;

Make sure that she is wearing the exact size to fit her perfectly. This ensures that she gets the best support and comfort. Smooth cups are usually a great way to make sure that the bra doesn’t scream through clothes. Wider shoulder-straps are usually better as they don’t dig into her shoulders. It is usually preferable to go for multiple or adjustable clasps so that your woman can adjust the size easily. Keep in mind that lace shows through many materials. Also, a White bra can be just as bad as a black bra when it comes to showing through white shirts. It therefore makes sense to rather go with a beige color instead. Some women prefer thongs. That way the underwear lines don’t ruin an outfit. However, you have to make sure that your woman actually likes thongs.

If you are looking to buy her a garter belt, then consider the following;

Always make sure that the garter belt is a little bigger in size and has adjustable clasps so that it allows for perfect sizing. There are many different styles of garter belts that can be purchased, ranging from Goth to virginal. Try to imagine what type of style your woman will go with by remembering the type of clothes she likes to wear both in and out of the bedroom.

By keeping all of this in mind, and then adding your own flavor to the mix, you will find it becomes a lot easier to get the right type of lingerie that will please both your partner and yourself, and ultimately give the both of you a lovemaking session filled with erotic mind-blowing sensuality.

Sample 3:

All About Cross Tattoos

The origins of the first cross image are still unknown today. What is known is that the cross has been used by many ancient cultures. In fact, crosses were used way before Christianity became a formal religion.

Various cultures such as the Babylonians, Assyrians and Egyptians used crosses to represent gods or mythology. In Babylon, the cross symbolizes the moon god, while the Egyptian cross (Ankh), represented life and the “knot of Isis”.

Various pagan religions used the symbol of the cross to represent various aspects of life including deities.

During the times of Christ, the cross symbolized crucifixion. This is where the symbol of Christianity is derived.

As designs for tattoos, crosses are one of the most popular, if not the most popular. There are various designs in crosses ranging from the simple to very ornate.

Designs of Crosses:

Christian Cross or Latin cross

This is the most common symbol of Christianity and is intended to represent the martyrdom of Jesus as is described in the New Testament.

Celtic cross Tattoos – High Cross

Definitely one of the most beautiful tattoo designs. Very detailed and ornate with knots that have no beginning or end. These crosses can also be rich in color depending on the tastes of the wearer.

These designs are usually chosen by people with Scottish or Irish descent to symbolize their Celtic heritage.

Coptic Cross

Derived from the Egyptian Ankh cross. The original Coptic cross is a circle from which four arms of equal length emanate. At each corner are “T’s” which represent the nails used to crucify Christ.

The Gothic Cross

There are many variations to this design. It has Germanic origins and has an appealing wrought iron look about it. The cross boasts a lot of detail and can be adapted to meet the wearer’s requirements.

Maltese Cross

This cross has arms with equal length. These arms narrow towards the center, and are indented at the ends. This makes it an eight-pointed cross. This cross is accentuated with straight lines.

Ankh Cross

This is also known as the Key of the Nile. It appears as a Tau Cross with a loop on the top.

Tau Cross

Also known as the Egyptian Cross. Basic cross shaped like a T. St. Francis is said to have used this cross as his signature.

Although only a few crosses have been mentioned in this article, there are many cross designs that can have a lot of meaning in terms of the various cultures and beliefs that exist around us.

Sample 4:

How To Get Rid of Man Boobs – Surgery Is Not the Only Way

As with everything in life, surgery should always be the last option. Rushing for surgical knife only results in a long and painful recovery period, and leaves a large hole in your pocket. Gynecomastia surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure and is therefore not covered by most medical insurance companies.

However, why undergo surgery when a simple eating plan and exercise routine will give effective results?

Gynecomastia is suffered by more men than is realized. Many men develop enlarged breasts during puberty or because of hormonal imbalances. Once the underlying conditions have been resolved, these man boobs will usually disappear on their own in time.

Other causes of man boobs are prescription drugs and illicit drugs. Once the use of these drugs have ceased, man boobs will disappear.

Various medical conditions can also cause man boobs. These conditions include chronic liver disease, leukemia, hemophilia, leprosy, tumors, and genetic disorders. In these cases, serious medical attention is required, some of which may include surgery.

The most common cause of man boobs is obesity. Some overweight men have clumps of fat, which are concentrated in the chest and breast area. This is what gives the appearance of man boobs. In these cases, an eating plan and exercise routines will be the most effective method in reducing man boobs.

What is needed is the drastic increase in metabolism rate, which will facilitate the burning of excess fat. Exercising of the pectoral muscles will help develop the proportionality of the chest area.

To increase the metabolism rate, change the way you eat. Instead of eating three large meals a day, rather eat six smaller portions (no larger than your fist). This assures your body that there is a regular supply of food. Your body then starts burning fuel and excess fat at a far quicker rate.

Interval training also dramatically increases the metabolism rate and fitness levels. These further speeds up fuel and fat burning capabilities of the body.

To develop the pectoral muscles, I would suggest push-ups, chin-ups and bench presses. Remember not to do these exercises every day, but rather every second day. Your muscles need resting periods to recover and to build up.

Sample 5:

Dumbbell Workout – Easy Muscle for Bulking or Toning

Take a trip to a gym and have a look around. Which is busiest area? The expensive modern looking machines or the archaic weights? You would be very surprised.

Have you purchased expensive exercise machinery because the TV ad promised you great looking muscles? Did they deliver?

The most effective exercises are usually the most basic. For those who prefer the burning of hard labor, a simple dumbbell workout will target muscle groups and allow for greet development.

Using dumbbells increases the rate at which you can bulk up and develop greater definition. The only warning I would issue is the danger of over exertion and back injury.

Dumbbell workouts develop a larger group of muscles while exercise machines generally isolate individual muscles.

To develop bulky arms, bicep curls are an excellent workout, just do not forget the bench press. Good shoulders add proportionality and great sex appeal.

Legs and carves should never be forgotten. There is nothing worse than a bulky upper body being supported by twigs. This only looks top heavy and unbalanced.

Just a couple of rules to remember:

Make sure that your back is supported at all times.

Your eating plan is critical to the development of good muscle structure. Six small meals should be eaten every day. Do not forget the Carbs. Carbohydrates should be consumed before a rigorous workout. This provides the muscles with sufficient energy. Protein must be consumed after a workout. This helps the muscles to repair and rebuild themselves.

Do not do these exercises every day. Your muscles needs resting time to repair and build up.

Cardio training or interval training in essential in retaining good fitness levels and maintaining a healthy metabolism rate.

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